Muslim Man Being Held Over His Turban

And now the most fascinating two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

Broadening the Definition of Terror
The definition of the word terrorism in the Arab media continues to broaden. Columnist Kinda Balkhair, writing today in the government-controlled Saudi News, harked back to Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's alleged role in the refugee camp massacre in Lebanon 20 years ago. The columnist wrote, "For Israeli citizens to elect Ariel Sharon as prime minister... is terrorism." And she adds, "Palestinians who are only trying to commute to work are forced to walk miles through the mud, over hills and through quarries. That, too, is terrorism."

Muslim Opens Fire in Airport
A Florida man described as a devout Muslim is being held on attempted murder charges after he pulled out a shotgun and starting shooting in the airport in New Orleans. Police said 43-year-old Patrick Gott told police he was angry because people had ridiculed his turban. The shotgun blast hit a California woman in the stomach and an airline worker in the hand. Gott told investigators he always carries a green duffle bag containing the Koran and the shotgun. His former lawyer described him as "eccentric."

Rapist Seeking Security
A Sandusky, Ohio, man doing jail time for raping a defenseless hospital patient is suing the hospital for "inadequate security." Edward Brewer was found guilty of assaulting a 44-year-old woman at Providence Hospital in Sandusky. The woman had cerebral palsy and was undergoing chemotherapy. She later died of cancer. In his suit, the rapist alleges the hospital failed to protect visitors and patients alike and caused him pain and suffering. Brewer, by the way, had earlier sued successfully to have his plea bargain on a lesser battery charge thrown out. He was then tried and convicted of rape.

Fund Raising Snafu?
The Republican Party, apparently stung by criticism of its use — for fundraising of a photo of President Bush aboard air force one on Sept. 11 has banned all references to the president for such purposes. The White House was reportedly caught unawares by the use of the photo when democrats made an issue of it. Now, reports The Washington Times, a fund-raising letter that was going to push for electing a GOP Congress to "help pass the Bush agenda" — will speak only of the Republican agenda.