Elton John, No Doubt and the Eagles are among a group of musicians who will perform at five benefit concerts the night before the Grammy Awards telecast to raise money for a legislative fight against the record industry.

The Recording Artists Coalition, a trade group representing more than 100 entertainers, has booked several sites in Los Angeles for the Feb. 26 concerts.

Money raised from the concerts will help fund an offensive against the major record labels for allegedly denying musicians a share of royalty earnings.

Courtney Love and the Dixie Chicks are embroiled in their own legal battles, accusing their labels of exploiting them financially and locking them into long-term contracts.

"It's about time for artists to take control of their work and how it is presented to our fans," said Dexter Holland of the band Offspring, which will perform as part of the effort.

Record companies deny the allegations and say musicians are receiving a fair share of revenue and royalties.

The five shows will feature different genres pop, alternative, rhythm and blues, hard rock and country music.

Other artists confirmed for the performances include Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks, Weezer, Dixie Chicks and Ozzy Osbourne. More artists were expected to join the list in coming weeks.

Michael Greene, president of the Recording Academy, said he's supportive of the concerts.

"I would absolutely not support this if I thought it was just an in-your-face thing against the labels," Greene said.