Mummified Russian Man Found Dead in Sitting Position After 6 Years

After six years, you'd think someone would have wondered, "Whatever happened to Vladimir?"

Russian police got their answer late last week when they went to the apartment of Vladimir Ledenev, who hadn't been seen since 2000, Pravda reported.

What they found left them stunned.

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Vladimir's body was discovered in a sitting position, his arm, still retaining some flesh, leaning on the kitchen table, his head slumped over. An empty vodka bottle and a glass sat in front of him, according to Pravda's reports.

Neighbors reported that Ledenev, 68, vanished without a trace six years ago.

“We reckoned that he’d moved somewhere else or checked himself into a hospital; he had TB,” said Irina Borodina, one of his neighbors, according to Pravda.

Neighbors told police that Ledenev had started drinking heavily after his mother passed away 10 years ago.

The neighbors told an investigator that many people tried to contact the missing man for months following his disappearance, but then, somehow, people seemed to forget about him.

The grisly discovery was finally made by workers of a housing management office as they were made their rounds in the apartments of those who owed unpaid bills.