Much to Be Thankful For

I recently received an e-mail from a Mr. Sprint, who writes:

Time and again, you offer this gung-ho, upbeat view of the world. Oh, if it were so. You strike me as a punk who's lived a gilded life, Cavuto... probably came from money, certainly have money now. Never known illness. Never known pain. Never known loss. Oh wouldn't it be nice to be Neil Cavuto? Walk in my shoes, you pied piper of profits. Feel my pain, because I certainly can't relate to yours.

Mr. Sprint, you seem to know a great deal about me. And you have pretty much already judged me -- even though you clearly do not know me.

Well, I'm not here to introduce myself, or my past. But suffice to say, Mr. Sprint, I know a great deal about pain, suffering and illness — the kinds of things you say I do not. But that's not what troubles me. Or anything you say about me.

My past, I know. But when it comes to my views, here's what I want "you" to know.

I am upbeat.

I am positive.

I am optimistic.

And I am confident.

Not because I've led a charmed life, but perhaps just because I have not.  The past is prologue. The future is an open book.  I'd much rather look "forward" to turning the pages, than dread the next chapter.

I have always said I think there's a lot of good not being reported. That's why I tell you the good news that other journalists choose not to. The news, they say, doesn't fit into their doom-and-gloom scenario. Many of them are upset because their bosses are laying off their colleagues, or cutting their pay. I say to them, don't make your sorry world, the sorry world you report.  I say, this world, your world, is a good world and a promising world.

That's why when everyone is focused on layoffs and downsizing, I report that, but I also report leading indicators are up, retail sales are up, and some consumer confidence figures are up. A bit too giddy? Perhaps. A bit too charmed an outlook? Again, perhaps.

But just because I choose not to be down does not mean, Mr. Sprint, that I haven't reason now and then "to be" down. I just choose not to. Not because I'm some "pig-in-a-blanket, gilded fat cat," as you go on to say. But precisely because, I am not.

That's why I'm very grateful this Thanksgiving. I could be a miserable wretch, like you, Mr. Sprint.

But I have much more to live for. So I am not.

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