Mow Away Your Weeds

Here are two simple ways to kill lawn weeds without herbicides:

• Sharpen your mower blades
• Raise the cutting height of your mower

Herbicides are the most commonly used pesticides on U.S. lawns. But you can literally cut them out — or at least cut them way down — by adjusting your mowing practices to favor the grass instead of the weeds.

Thriving grass = fewer weeds = fewer herbicides = less chance to harm your family, pets, and the environment.

Just follow these three easy steps and watch your grass grow healthier:

Step 1: Sharpen your mower blades.


• Almost any repair shop will sharpen your blades for about $3 to $6. If they’re not badly nicked you can do it yourself.

• Tip: Buy an extra blade so you always have a spare sharp blade.


• Once a month is ideal. But if you hit a rock, sharpen or switch blades ASAP.


• Dull mower blades tear the grass, leaving ragged tips on grass that turn brown. Damaged grass plants need more water and are more vulnerable to disease.
• Mowers with sharp blades burn 25 percent less gas.

Step 2: Raise your mowing height.


• It’s easy to adjust the height of most mowers. Set the blade 3 to 3 1/2 inches above the ground — usually the highest setting.
• If you can’t do it yourself, ask a professional.


• Next time you mow — and you’re done. You only need to change it once!


• Taller grass shades out and competes better with weeds.
• Taller grass plants send roots deeper into the soil, helping them weather drought.

Step 3: Sit back and watch the grass grow!

Learn more:

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Integrated Pest Management

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How to sharpen your mower blade:

• To avoid spills, sharpen your mower when the gas tank is empty.
• Wear heavy gloves and safety glasses.
• Remove the spark plug wire, and then remove the blade.
• Run a metal file down the cutting edge or use a cordless drill with a small grinding stone attachment. A vise makes this step easier.
• Check the blade’s balance so it will spin true. A balanced blade stays level when suspended from a screwdriver inserted through its center hole. Restore balance by removing some metal from the heavy end of the blade.
• Place the blade back on the mower and replace the spark plug wire.
• Next time you mow, you’ll see the difference — grass tips will look clipped, not torn. It may take several mowings to eliminate all the torn tips.