Moving the National Guard to the Border

With most Americans demanding the federal government finally secure the Southern border, President Obama has announced that 1,200 National Guard troops will be sent to back up the Border Patrol.

As you may remember, "The Factor" was the first TV news program to suggest using the military to help stop the massive influx of illegal aliens and narcotics from Mexico. That was way back in the year 2000.

But the problem remains, and now states like Arizona have so much trouble, they are passing their own immigration laws.

President Obama's announcement that he will move the soldiers is a bit perplexing. He doesn't seem to want to do it, and 1,200 are not nearly enough.

Ten thousand is a good number. Why not move 10,000 Guardsmen to the border, Mr. President?

The answer may be that the American left generally does not want the border secured. Liberal Sen. Bob Menendez from New Jersey issued this statement after the president's Guard announcement:

"The Obama administration's militarization of the border amounts to a submission to the political forces brought by the Republican Party. If there is a greater border presence necessary, it should be in the form of additional regular Border Patrol agents."

Again, this is perplexing. Why does Sen. Menendez object to action that might secure the border? The military can do that, so why does Menendez oppose it?

We've asked the senator to come on "The Factor" Thursday. We don't expect him to, but I'll take an answer to the question in writing, Senator.

There comes a time when BS walks. The border situation could have been solved 20 years ago. Everybody knows that a solid fence and additional Border Patrol backed up by the military will stop the chaos. Everybody knows that. But the federal government will not do it.

Meantime, the drug problem causes an incredible amount of crime and suffering, and the illegal alien problem is off the chart.

The failure to control the Southern border is flat-out irresponsible. It is worth pointing out that President Bush didn't want to move the military to the border either. He finally did, but with little enthusiasm.

I mean, I just don't get it. Are we afraid of offending the drug cartels? The coyotes who smuggle people? Are we afraid of offending them?

What if you lived 10 miles away from the border? How do you think your quality of life would be?

One word sums it all up: awful.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

This has happened to me, in the middle of broadcasting when the voice says sayonara.


JIMMY JAKES: On the inside (UNINTELLIGIBLE). I think we're going here. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) leading the way. It's (UNINTELLIGIBLE) in front on the outside trying hard one step closer (UNINTELLIGIBLE).


For struggling to the finish line, announcer Jimmy Jakes is a patriot.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots"!

On the pinhead front, a rather disturbing story. Sarah Palin apparently has a new neighbor.

Author Joe McGinniss, who wrote a very negative article on the governor, has moved in next to her in Alaska. Word is he's writing a book on Gov. Palin and has rented a home whose property line is just 15 feet away from the Palin's.

That's just wrong. What an intrusion.

McGinniss is a pinhead, and he should get out of there. You can write your book, but leave the family alone.

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