Moving Forward — Standing Still

Two very big speeches today: President Bush at the U.N. on Iraq and Alan Greenspan at the Capitol on the economy.

I think the president made his point. I'm still wondering if Alan Greenspan had a point.

President Bush laid out a measured and forceful plan for going after Saddam Hussein. Mr. Greenspan had no such plan for dealing with the economy.

President Bush all but said the U.N. could use some more guts. Mr. Greenspan all but said the U.S. doesn't need more cuts.

President Bush is revving up the pressure on Iraq. Mr. Greenspan isn't ratcheting down the pressure on rates.

President Bush ignored naysayers who worry about getting in over our heads in Iraq, despite the fact they did the exact same thing a decade ago. Mr. Greenspan listened to naysayers who say deficits will lead to higher rates, even when they didn't two decades ago.

President Bush put the world on notice. Mr. Greenspan put the economy on hold.

President Bush knows action is necessary and he's ready. Mr. Greenspan doesn't know action is necessary, and he's not ready.

Two speeches. Two men. And two courses of action.

One moving forward. The other not moving at all.

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