Moving Along

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Moving isn’t fun. Sure, getting to your new destination can be exciting, heartwarming, and refreshing. But the actual MOVING part of it can be awful.

In one week, we will be in our new home. More than half of our stuff has already been packed into those huge storage bins they drop in front of your house. Stuff we can’t even remember is sitting in a warehouse somewhere, wondering if we will ever claim it again.

And that leaves the final week’s worth of stuff. You know, when the whole family is camped out on blankets because the beds are being put into a truck?

I guess there are some satisfying moments during the ordeal. Like when you find something behind the dresser in the closet that you swore was lost forever. Or the sheer joy of loading up a dumpster full of junk you convinced yourself for YEARS you couldn’t live without.

Moving can be sad, too, depending on how attached you were emotionally to the place you are leaving. Friends, family, and memories wave at you from the curb, as you drive away for the final time. Maybe your kids were born in that house. Maybe your marriage ended in that house. Maybe the bad memories outweigh the good and you are glad to be moving along.

The most important thing to remember is that the stuff in the moving vans and storage bins is just…well, STUFF. It’s the people sitting with you in the truck that matter the most.

And remember…wherever you end up with them is ultimately your home. No matter where is it, or how much moving along you had to do to get there.