Mother Nature's Wrath

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Today's blog will be short — I am writing it on my BlackBerry (search) since I am in a hotel in Naples with no power for my laptop. (I would "kill" for coffee... but with no power in the hotel, I am out of luck.)

Hurricane Wilma (search) has been pounding us for hours — she should give it a rest! It is hard to believe that it was beautiful and sunny on Sunday... and that it will ever be that way again.

Sunday night we did our two-hour show from a balcony of another hotel. The owner of the small hotel that had been evacuated let us use a room and the balcony, but turned off the power to his hotel. Before our crew showed up with generators to light the show, we were stumbling around in the dark. The only light sources we had were our cell phones and our BlackBerry screens. We were lucky to have even come up with that idea.

The weather during our two-hour show was odd — one second fine and the next windy and rainy... and then back to no rain. I kept switching my rain gear on and off for two hours during the show. I felt silly to have a rain jacket on during the times it was not raining. At one point I took my jacket off and just dropped it at my feet. When I picked it up — since it had started to rain again — it was soaking wet on the inside because of the way I had just dropped it. So then I just put on the jacket and got my shirt all wet. At least it was hot out so I was not cold even though wet. By the time the show ended, Wilma had made her decision and the rain began to fall non-stop.

Right now I have no idea where we will do Monday night's show — your guess is as good as mine.

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