Mother Has 12-Year-Old Son Arrested for Opening Christmas Gift Early

A 12-year-old South Carolina boy got an unexpected stocking stuffer — a pair of handcuffs — after he snuck into his Christmas gifts a few weeks early.

After a mother discovered her son had unwrapped a Nintendo Game Boy Advance that was meant for him as a present from his grandmother, she called the Rock Hill Police and had the young man arrested for petty larceny, according to the police report filed this week.

"He took it without permission. He wanted it. He just took it," the boy's 63-year-old great-grandmother told the Rock Hill Herald.

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The great-grandmother said in the filed complaint that she wrapped the gift and placed it under the tree at her house — then specifically told the boy not to open it.

But when she checked under the tree Sunday, she found the box unwrapped and opened. The great-grandmother relayed the news to the mother, who is 27-years-old.

When the boy claimed he didn't know where the present was, the mother threatened to call the cops. On that threat, the boy went to his bedroom and grabbed the $85 Game Boy, according to the report.

But mom still called the police.

And the boy "showed no remorse" when the police came, mother said.

The boy was charged as a juvenile and released the same day, said police spokesman Lt. Jerry Waldrop. He was never in jail.

"We wouldn't hold a 12-year-old," he told the Rock Hill Herald.

On Monday night, the mother said she didn't know what else to do but call the police in hopes it would be a wake-up call for her son.

The mother told police that the boy has a history of bad behavior, including shoplifting from stores and stealing money from her. The mother said he even punched a police officer last month and was arrested for disorderly conduct for it.

"I'm trying to get him some kind of help," she told the Rock Hill Herald.'s Michael De Dora, Jr. contributed to this report.