More than What Ails You

I've been getting quite a bit of mail lately on actress Teri Garr coming out and discussing her MS -- some of it, rather pointed. Jessica me e-mails:

"At least Teri Garr isn't afraid to talk about her MS, Neil. She's trying to help people. You have a mighty forum at Fox to do the same, and say nothing. I've read about your MS and that you had cancer before that, yet you sit up there as if nothing happened. Talk to Teri. Maybe she can give you pointers... on kindness."

Or this, from MS patient Teresa in Atlanta, GA:

"The difference between you and Teri Garr is she's not ashamed of her illness. She's interested in helping fellow MS sufferers... it appears all you're interested in is money."

I do get a lot of nasty e-mail, but that last one really hurt.

Contrary to what you might think, Teresa or Jessica, I'm not ashamed of having MS. No more than I was ashamed of having cancer earlier.

I don't hide it. Or keep silent about it. But I'm not about to stand on a soapbox about it.

I'd rather just try and do my job and live through it.

I'm a journalist, not a journalist with a disease. And I'm an anchor, not a platform.

I very much admire Teri Garr. She did a lot of good, in her unique way. I try to do some good in my own way, by doing my job and by showing those with illnesses of any sort, that there is more to you than what ails you.

I'm not here to trumpet a cause, just live a life. And prove to others with diseases that they can live their lives too.

Just because I don't shout, doesn't mean I don't care.

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