'More Than Money'

Like we've been saying, one week to the day: June 1 marks the debut of "More Than Money."

Every author no doubt tells you his, or her book is important. I'm not that pompous. But it is useful and here's why.

It's useful to know not all CEOs are crooks.

It's useful to know not all mutual funds are rigged.

It's useful to know not all priests are pedophiles.

Or that those with money are greedy and those with power are evil.

It's useful to know capitalism has its flaws, but it also has its virtues.

It's useful to know the foundations of this country are sound.

The soldiers who support this country are brave and that some people who've gained much have lost much.

That some people who have a lot in the bank, have a lot more in the heart.

It's useful to step back and look back at what we are and who we are.

It's useful to see how good we are. How generous we are. How giving we are. How special we are.

It's useful to put it in a book. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but I hope it is heart-moving.

On June 1, you'll see what I mean.

Stay tuned.

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