More Than a Label

My book is raising some issues.

This from Jim in Gobles, Michigan:

"I have MS and I have recently become aware that you have MS as well. My question is this: Why don't you use your national exposure to help raise awareness for MS research and a possible cause... MS is an awful ailment, and you could do so much! Yet, you seem to do nothing!"

Karen e-mails:

“Here you have this huge platform to help those suffering from MS and cancer, diseases you know well, and you selfishly and merrily go on with your capitalist-loving show... for god's sake, where's your heart?"

Karen and Jim, I don't hide my MS from the world. I just don't think it should define who I am in this world.

Frankly the way I've collected diseases, who am I to showcase or favor any disease? All can be horrible, but all needn't define their victims.

As I write in my book, we are defined not by how we handle all that goes well, but by how we deal with all that does not.

It's not the disease that makes us a victim, Karen and Jim. It's when we become a victim to the disease.

I ask for no pity. No special treatment. I believe I help the cause precisely by not making myself a cause.

I know where you're coming from but please understand then where I'm coming from.

Thanks for writing.

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