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I am continuing to work the phones to get more information about the missing Mississippi family investigation.  It is so strange that this family disappeared into thin air. 
In addition to talking to the family, law enforcement gives daily briefings in the Yazoo County (search) Courthouse/Sheriff's office.

Here are two pictures from the presser I attended in the courtroom... (See upper right hand corner):

Photo #2: So that you get an idea of the media covering the presser...

The courthouse where the briefings is held is quite old.

Look at picture #3 which shows the balcony in the rear of the courtroom.

Do you wonder why there is a balcony? Many of the old courthouses around the USA have them from days of segregation.  African-Americans were required to sit in the balcony separate from the whites and, looking at the age of this courthouse, my guess is that is why there is a balcony in this Mississippi courtroom.

Finally, picture #4. While hardly flattering of me, I think it makes an interesting point in the investigation. I am sitting in front of the Hargon home with Warren Strain who leads the task force investigating this missing family. Note how dark it is behind me. There are no lights in the area of the home. It is so dark! You would think, and this is simply my speculation, if this were a planned kidnapping or murder, one would do it under cover of darkness. This family disappeared sometime after 6:45am -- in the daylight when people could drive by and see.


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