More Chaos Surrounding America's Children...

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More child abductions, more chaos surrounding America's kids.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

Child abductions in Los Angeles and Abilene, Texas, this week have just added on to the high-profile trend of violence against children. Like the school shootings of a few years ago, the kidnappings are now being done in a copycat style. In Abeline, the abduction of an infant was caught on videotape, as the woman snatched the baby right in front of her mother.

That baby has been found unharmed, the woman kidnapper arrested.

Now, Talking Points has been calling for tough federal penalties for adults who hurt kids, and indeed there is a bill in the House that would mandate a second-time offender be sentenced to life in prison. But the bill is just sitting there. Where is the urgency on the part of our leaders to protect children?

Finally, yesterday Governor Jeb Bush of Florida forced the head of the child protection agency down there to resign, finally. The state of Florida was embarrassed time after time after time, and Mr. Bush just sat there. The question is, what is the governor's responsibility in this matter? He appointed Kathleen Kearney. Why did he allow the woman to misrun the department?

It's the same thing with Cardinal Law. This guy allowed pedophile priests to run wild, yet he claims no responsibility. He has all kinds of excuses, as does Mr. Bush.

But I say leaders must lead. I don't see any anger on the part of Law and Bush that defenseless children have been murdered and molested on their watch. I don't see any kick-butt, take-names approach.

Governor Bush and Cardinal Law are powerful men. They can get things done. They choose, choose to let things get out of control.

There is nothing worse than hurting a child, everybody knows that. But until we the people start demanding that our leaders take aggressive steps in protecting kids, then we're at fault as well. America needs a child protection act passed at the federal level. America needs to let those who have allowed children to be harmed know that we are ashamed of them.

No more excuses. Kids all over the country are getting hurt. It's time for decent Americans to speak out.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

Things are getting a little heated in Georgia, where Congressman Bob Barr is facing a challenge from John Linder. You may remember Mr. Barr accidentally fired a shot at a supporter's home. And now, people who don't like Barr, like this guy dressed up like Yosemite Sam, are using the incident to mock the Congressman. Well, that didn't go over real well with Barr's son, who confronted Yosemite.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So please, please, please, on August 20 and the days leading up to it, do everything that you can to make sure that Bob Barr...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Help! Help! Help! Help!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: sworn in for another term in January.


O'REILLY: Politics. Ridiculous? I'd say so.

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