More Celeb Costume Ideas

A few more celebrity costume ideas ...

Pregnant Angelina Jolie: What you’ll need: Aunt Jemima head rag, khaki shorts and a UNICEF T-shirt with a pillow underneath.

Postpartum Angelina: What you’ll need: Black tank top, aviator sunglasses, black liquid eyeliner, jeans and a Cabbage Patch doll dressed in the purple Kingsley Pots and Pans T-shirt that little Shiloh made famous on the cover of People magazine.

Nicole Richie: What you’ll need: Skull-chic scarf, wooden bangle bracelets, giant white sunglasses, a Sidekick, a pink ring and a jumbo black-and-white stripped tunic.

African Getaway Brad Pitt: What you’ll need: Jeans, white T-shirt, black baseball cap and a baby bottle sticking out of your back pocket.

Malawi Madonna: What you’ll need: Blond wig, "Indiana Jones" hat, fatigues and a tank top that reads “Italians Do It Better.”

Dr. McDreamy: What you’ll need: Five o’clock shadow, stethoscope and blue doctor scrubs with red hearts sewn on the backside.

Oprah: What you’ll need: Red Bull for energy, bag of mini-toy cars to hand out to people, diamond earrings, monochromatic turtleneck outfit and dark wig.

Jerry “Twinkle Toes” Springer: What you’ll need: Gray wig, Sally Jessy-like glasses, ill-fitted suit, tap shoes, top hat and cane.

Storm From "X-Men" (aka. Halle Berry): What you’ll need: White wig, black vinyl catsuit, black thigh-high boots and white cat-eye novelty contact lenses.

Maddox Jolie-Pitt: What you'll need: Mohawk, cargo pants, vintage Led Zeppelin T-shirt, remote control toy car and a SpongeBob SquarePants backpack.