More Ammunition for Cavuto

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Lord knows Neil Cavuto doesn't need another reason to be upset at the French. But, Neil... this one's for you.

The British are, of course, our leading allies in the battle for freedom in Iraq. Their brave soldiers have fought and died side by side with U.S. troops on the battlefield. When the call came for more troops to be sent to shore up peacekeeping in the southern Iraqi town of Basra, the British were quick to respond.

Fourteen hundred fresh troops were readied and set to fly out last weekend when the company suddenly chartered to take them pulled out of the deal. That company was Corsair (search), a French charter air service that had been used countless times by the British military. The French transport ministry grounded Corsair, citing safety concerns. But French transport officials claim the move was ordered by the French foreign ministry and had nothing to do with safety.

When pressed, Corsair said that for insurance reasons, they rarely fly into war zones. But, as The Daily Telegraph reported, Basra has been open to civilian aircraft for some time. Calls to the French foreign Ministry went unanswered.

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