Monday, Dec. 20: Supporting Rumsfeld

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Rumsfeld Support: President Bush is backing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (search) despite criticism from some lawmakers. We’ll have the latest from the Pentagon as correspondent Bret Baier reports the details.

Iraq Latest: Plus, we’ll also bring you the latest from Iraq after Sunday’s deadly bombing that killed 60 and a huge explosion Monday in the city of Karbala (search) as correspondent Steve Harrigan reports from the region. We’ll also talk to Dan Senor, a FNC foreign affairs analyst and the former coalition spokesperson in Iraq

Stolen Fetus: We’ll also talk to the prosecutor in the case against the woman who is accused of strangling a pregnant woman and stealing her unborn baby.

New Evidence? It's been almost eight years since JonBenet Ramsey (search) was found murdered in her house in Boulder, Colorado, but, could new DNA evidence help solve the mysterious case? We’ll have the details.

Banned Band: We’ll also talk to members of a Christian rock group who were banned from a public high school’s anti-drug rally in Toledo, Ohio. The band believes the school’s actions is discrimination.

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