Monday, August 4: A Matter of Time?

Saddam Hussein (search) is on the run and the U.S. military believes he may be changing his hiding place every couple of hours. U.S. forces have conducted a series of ultra-secret operations in the hunt for Saddam since his sons, Uday and Qusay, were killed two weeks ago.

How close are we to nabbing Saddam? We’ll get the latest live from Baghdad with FOX News correspondent Steve Harrigan.

Plus, is Saddam being protected by tribal loyalists? Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, FNC military analyst, and Rob Sobhani, adjunct professor of Middle East politics at Georgetown University, join the debate.

The Episcopal Church (search) moves one step closer to approving an openly gay bishop. The House of Deputies, a legislative body composed of clergy and lay people from dioceses nationwide, voted to approve the Rev. V. Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. But is everyone involved happy about this? We’ll get reaction.

Despite having sexual assault charges leveled at him, Kobe Bryant (search) is chosen top athlete at the Teen Choice Awards. Is this the type of attention Bryant needs right now? We’ll ask Shawndya Simpson, prosecutor, and Mickey Sherman, criminal defense attorney.

Plus, will race be a factor if the Kobe case goes to trial? Byron Boudreaux, who sued the Eagle County Sherrif's Department for racial profiling, and his lawyer David Lane, join us to explain.

In a family divorce case, should grandparents be awarded legal visitation rights? We’ll examine the impact of a Michigan Supreme Court ruling with Richard Victor, attorney; Jordana Barish, family law attorney, and Traci Truly, author of Grandparents Rights.

And, you will not believe what's being served in some New York City bars. Fed up over smoking bans, some bar owners are hawking a new nicotine infused cocktail. But is it safe? We’ll ask Larry Wald, inventor of the Nicotini, and Joanne Koldare, director of the NYC Coalition or a Smoke-Free City.

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