Mistake, Mexico and MSNBC

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First off, many of you have been waiting for me to admit I made a mistake, so here goes.

Yesterday I screwed up. It was DiMaggio, not Gehrig. I knew that. I just booted it. So you all can stop the e-mail barrage.

Now a couple more items that each could be a whole My Word but have to share the time today.

First, when it comes to driver's licenses for illegals, why don't we just do what Mexico does? Mexico is always lecturing us about how we're mistreating illegal immigrants and telling us to take their advice.

OK, in this case I'm all for it. Mexico doesn't allow immigrants to drive. Period. No license. You have to be legal, a citizen, and I quote from a news report on the issue today:

"Licensing offices in all of Mexico's 31 states, along with the federal district where Mexico City is located, said they require applicants to prove their citizenship, preferably by showing a federal voter registration card issued by the federal elections institute."

So it's simple. Do what Mexico does: Just say no.

Another item, this one is about the war. Last night "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" aired a report from Tom Aspell, a veteran foreign correspondent, about how the surge is working in Iraq. Good. Glad NBC told the real story.

Now MSNBC has a sportscaster doing a show over there every night saying the surge isn't working and Bush should be forced to resign or jailed for keeping at the surge when, in the judgment of this sportscaster, it is just so, so very, very wrong.

When is NBC going to bench the sportscaster and let the real news people report the news? Shouldn't be hard now that the real news people have emphatically demonstrated the sportscaster should stick to sports. Halftime highlights is just about right. Presidents and wars just aren't his area of expertise.

That's My Word.

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