Missing Ex-Marine's Family Says Video Game May Have Sparked Disappearance

Relatives of a missing ex-Marine wounded in Iraq fear a video game that simulates combat may have triggered war memories that led to his disappearance, Florida's Herald Tribune reported.

After playing "Call of Duty," Eric Hall "just got up and said he had to go," Courtney Birge, a family friend, told the newspaper.

The 24-year-old Hall left the home of a relative in Deep Creek, Fla., where he was staying, on Feb. 3, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. He rode away on a motorcycle that was later found on a roadside, still running.

Hall had been hallucinating and having flashbacks, the sheriff's office said.

In June 2005, Hall was injured when a bomb exploded while he was on patrol. He was treated for injuries to his right arm, left leg and hip and the left side of his abdomen. He spent 13 weeks in the hospital and later was granted medical retirement by the Marines.

During the same incident, Hall witnessed his best friend being decapitated, the newspaper reported.

On Sunday a team of family members and friends planned a search for Hall using all-terrain vehicles, heavy-duty trucks and dogs, the Tribune reported. Several family members traveled Florida to help authorities in the search.

Hall's father, Kevin, remained in their native Indiana in case his son returned.

He said his son has been struggling to heal from his injuries and the stress associated with them since returning from Iraq. He said his son had moved to Florida to "get things together."

Birge told the Tribune that Hall will not be found if he doesn't want to be found.

"He's a Marine," Birge said. "He knows how to survive off the land and find food. We don't feel he is dead. We want him back with us."

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.