Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

A lot of bad things are said about this country when talking about our big trade deficit (search). God knows you hear enough of them in the media. But here's what you're not hearing: We Americans buy a lot of their stuff, they buy a lot less of our stuff — ta-da! — you've got a trade deficit.

So let's cut to the chase: The problem isn't our buying. It's their "not" buying.

Nothing's wrong with our economy. A lot is wrong with their economies.

They criticize our budget deficit. But as a percentage of GDP, they know full well they have even bigger deficits. But you don't hear that.

Just like you "don't" hear them owning up to their costly and out-dated socialist societies that sap every government dollar and hurt every European citizen.

Just like you don't hear a simple thank you for all we buy from them.

Just a "screw you" for all we do not.

Where is it written their view is the only view, or that our country is the only villain?

You know what I'd tell our European friends? For once, try looking in the mirror, my friends — past your nose and in your heart.

I'll admit, we've got our problems. But last time I check you've got even bigger problems.

So the fault lies not with the people you do business. But with your own fellow countrymen, whom you're "giving" the business.

There's a deficit, all right. But it has nothing to do with goods and everything to do with something else: honesty.

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