Minority Rules?

Sorry to continue on this rant theme, but speaking of Washington, what's with this filibuster (search) mess? Where else is this filibuster used?

Can you use it at work? No.

Can you filibuster your reverend's sermon at church? No.

Will filibustering outside a sold out movie get you inside? No.

At home, can you filibuster your spouse? Maybe you can. I can't.

Nowhere — and I mean nowhere — in corporate America, have they ever heard of filibuster.

Zilch. Zip. Nada.

You know why? Because you can't make money when you don't do anything, that's why!

Minority board directors are always free to speak their mind. But they're not free to stop their company. They make their point, cast their vote and then move on. They're free to gripe and some, like Roy Disney, do gripe.

But old Roy can't overturn the majority of the board.

Roy doesn't like it. But them there's the facts in corporate America.

Majority rules. Minority does not.

Imagine if Roy decided to filibuster every Disney move, every new park proposal, every new ABC "Desperate Housewives" (search) spin-off proposal. Nothing would get done and everyone would look Mickey Mouse.

Not so too our illustrious U.S. Senate. With apologies to Disney, only in Washington is it written into the bylaws you can act goofy. And they do, time and again.

If the minority doesn't get its way, it stomps its feet and shakes its rattle. What it doesn't win at the ballot box, it tries to score in some Byzantine rules that only Machiavelli would appreciate.

This isn't a political issue. Republicans played these cards when they were in the minority. Democrats are doing the same now that they're in the minority.

But, only in the city where they celebrate not getting things done, do they call it a nuclear option (search) to try and get something done.

I know these guys have nothing to do with business. I just didn't know they'd take such delight in giving us the business!

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