The manager of a minor league baseball team lost his cool and maybe some of his sanity Thursday during an on-field tirade in which he uprooted bases and covered home plate completely in dirt.

Phillip Wellman, manager of Atlanta Braves affiliate Mississippi Braves, apparently had enough of the umpires, springing out of the dugout to let his temper flare. After a nose-to-nose argument with the home plate ump, Wellman completely covered home plate in dirt. He then made his way up the third base line, where he ripped third base out of the dirt and hurled it into the outfield.

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As if that wasn’t enough retribution for Wellman, the manager then got on all fours and crawled toward he pitcher’s mound like a special ops commando, grabbing the pitcher’s rosin bag, holding it to his mouth and tossing it toward the home plate umpire as if it were a grenade.

Scooping up the bases, Wellman walked toward the centerfield exit, taking a bow for the crowd before leaving the field.

Click here to watch the video.

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