Mind Your Manners

Since I felt free to offer the president some tips on what not to say in his big speech on Iraq this week, now it's my turn to offer Congress some tips on what "not" to do in voting on whomever the president chooses to replace Sandra Day O'Connor (search). And this applies to both sides:

Don't yell.

Don't scream.

Don't focus on one issue.

Do focus on "all" issues.

Don't blather on.

Do take in.

Don't say a word until you've read many words about the candidate's history and patriotism.

Don't be vicious.

Do be judicious.

Don't forget we're all Americans.

Don't forget we're all human beings.

It is OK to disagree. It is not OK to be disagreeable.

It's the kind of stuff I tell my toddler sons. I thought it'd come in handy telling my representatives in Washington as well.

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