Milosevic Says He's Not Suicidal

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Slobodan Milosevic says he's not suicidal, is in good health and high spirits, and is convinced he did the right thing for Yugoslavia, said a Canadian lawyer who saw the former president in jail.

``I am the moral winner,'' Milosevic said Monday in an authorized statement through the lawyer, Christopher Black. ``I am proud of everything I did for my people and my country, and everything I did was honest.''

Black spent nearly two hours with Milosevic in an interview room at the U.N. detention unit, a wing of a Dutch prison in the seaside suburb of Scheveningen outside The Hague. A guard was posted on the other side of a metal and glass door, but a U.N. translator was present throughout the conversation, even though the two men spoke in English and had asked to be alone.