Mila Kunis Preparing for Steamy Sex Scene With Natalie Portman?

Mila Kunis Preparing for Steamy Sex Scene With Natalie Portman? | Jon Gosselin Tips Off the Paps! | Jack Black Gives Himself a Mammogram

Mila Kunis Preparing for Steamy Sex Scene With Natalie Portman?

The blogosphere has been abuzz with reports that Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman (who play "rival ballerinas") will engage in quite the racy girl-on-girl love scene in the upcoming thriller "Black Swan," and Kunis certainly didn’t deny it when we caught up with her last week’s Hollywood premiere of "Extract."

"I’m not allowed to talk about the script yet, but I’m excited to work with Natalie. I’ve known her for some time," Kunis said.

But one thing she would talk about was her rigorous training regime to get tutu ready.

"I’ve been studying for the past month, 7 days a week, 4-5 hours a day of doing ballet cardio and pilates and I have 2 more months before choreography begins. This ballet I'm doing you can't fake it," she explained. "Your body has to be structured differently, your hips have to be turned out, your shoulders have to be turned in, everything in your body is not natural, so I'm learning everyday."

But back to "Extract," the 26-year-old Russian-born beauty plays a "cheap hot" thief who uses her good looks to get away with stealing - yet sadly, using her sexuality to get away with things doesn’t extend into her real life.

"I am sure there are a lot of women that are able to do that and I am sure it comes naturally to them, but I do not possess that quality," Kunis added while promoting the film. "I can’t get out of tickets, it's not me. I got a ticket three days ago and of course I tried to get out of it. I made an illegal left hand turn, I was fully aware I was making this left hand turn and I’ve been making it every day for the last 7 years. I got pulled over and I tried to talk my way out of a ticket I completely deserved and it didn't work, I still got my ticket."

Jon Gosselin Tips Off the Paps!

Jon Gosselin may be offended that (many) people think he’s doing whatever he can to extend his fifteen minutes, but the controversial father was caught in the act while partying in Sin City on Monday night.

After taking his mama and four friends to dinner at The Mirage’s Stack Restaurant (where he downed pomegranate martinis and vodka red bulls with his lobster tacos), Gosselin partied at JET Nightclub where his bodyguard was spotted handing out Jon’s number to the paparazzi so they could be "informed of his whereabouts."

And seeing as though his rumored girlfriend Hailey Glassman was nowhere to be seen, Gosselin apparently took advantage of the flocks of females flirting.

"He was handing out his number to every girl that approached him and chain-smoking like crazy," added an eyewitness.

Jack Black Gives Himself a Mammogram

Jack Black is using his comedic gifts for a good cause - expanding the Noreen Fraser Foundation's (NFF) Men for Women Now campaign onto the Facebook platform along with SocialVibe to help in the fight against women's cancer.

"All us guys, dudes and bromigos are getting' off our lazy butts and making appointments for our beloved ladies to meet with this bad boy, the mammogram machine or, as I like to call her, the boob saver 5k," "Dr. Jack Black" states in his webisode, before going under the machine in an "attempt" to give himself a breast examination.

NFF's Men for Women Now campaign targets men by urging them to support the women in their lives through a pledge that includes healthy eating, regular exercise, no smoking, self breast exams and scheduling appointments for a mammogram and pap smear.

But Black isn’t the only one using his star status as an excuse to "bust" out. Kevin Connolly, Bob Saget and Zach Galifianakis also co-wrote and starred in their own Webisodes.

"Facebook isn’t about faces, it’s about boobs," Connolly said. "Ladies go there to show them off and men go there to check them out. It should be called boob book."

Saget also offers to give women "free pap smears door-to-door"…