Michigan Man Found Guilty in Wife's Dismemberment

Stephen Grant, 37, once tearfully stood before TV cameras and repeatedly denied any involvement in the disappearance of 34-year-old Tara Grant. Now he is guilty of second-degree murder.

Grant faces life in prison but could be eligible for parole, though prosecutors will ask the judge to keep him in prison for life. Sentencing is set for Feb. 21.

"It was one of the most difficult and emotional cases that one can imagine," defense lawyer Stephen Rabaut said afterward.

"I think there is premeditation all over this case," prosecutor Eric Smith said.

In his confession, which was recorded while he recovered from frostbite and hypothermia after his capture in the wilderness, Grant said he fought with his wife Feb. 9 and she threatened to tell police about him hitting her and take custody of their two young children.

He said he choked his wife and two days later cut her body to pieces at the tool-and-die-shop where he worked. He said he hid the body parts, the reported his wife missing.

As police searched his home, he fled. Body parts were found in their garage and a nearby park. He was captured March 4 in a remote, snowbound state park.

Just before his trial began Dec. 7, he pleaded guilty to mutilating Tara Grant's corpse. That charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

The trial also included testimony from the Grants' former teenage nanny from Germany, who said she had sexual contact with Grant the night before police say he strangled his wife.