Forecasters in Michigan aren't mincing words: they say anybody going outside is putting their "life at risk."

The bulletin for the Saginaw and Bay City areas comes as today's much-anticipated storm dumps as much as a foot of snow on Michigan.

The massive weather system is creeping across the northern U.S. today, and already being felt as far east as Maryland. In some areas, gusting winds and the snow's light texture is making slippery roads even more dangerous. A sheriff's official says cars are kicking up snow, blinding drivers behind.

A National Weather Service spokesman in Virginia says the snow will likely last until evening. Baltimore transportation crews are set to lay down blue salt — letting residents know their streets have been plowed.

At least, some good weather news for Ohio, which has been pummeled by snow, ice and heavy rains since before Christmas. Forecasters are lowering their snow predictions for middle and southern Ohio. But freezing rain and up to five inches of snow are still expected in the central part of the state.