Michael Moore's Impact on the Election

Democrats have been asking themselves whether Michael Moore’s high profile during the campaign might not have done them more harm than good.

Al From (search), head of Bill Clinton’s Democratic Leadership Council told a gathering at the National Press Club: "This party has to be the party of Harry Truman and John Kennedy, not the party of Michael Moore. Michael Moore does not represent the Kennedy or Truman tradition in the Democratic Party of patriotism and security.”

The New Republic's Peter Beinart (search) had a more stinging rebuke: "The problem with Michael Moore is, he doesn't believe there is a war on terrorism … This is a guy who doesn't basically believe in American power or American national security. He's a problem."

So what does Michael Moore think? Not surprisingly, he thinks Michael Moore is good for the Democrats, and so are his movies. In a meeting with Hollywood Democrats on December 6th, Moore argued that Democrats would have suffered greater losses had it not been for him: "Fahrenheit 9/11 prevented a Bush landslide. Why, interviews of Republicans leaving the movie theaters showed that more than 30 percent would tell their friends to see the movie."

Message to Al From and Peter Beinart: It doesn’t look like Michael Moore gets the message.

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