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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST:  But first, let's go back to Santa Maria.  Joining us is Fox News legal analyst Stan Goldman, who was inside court today.  And also with us is Dan Simon of "Celebrity Justice," who was outside, in the middle of that chaos today, and even attended that party at the Neverland ranch.

Stan, all right, the minute Michael Jackson (search) walked into the courtroom, take me through -- what did you see?

STAN GOLDMAN, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST:  Well, there was applause.  There was applause because there were 20 or 30 people sitting in the back lefthand corner of the room who were there because they'd gotten up and gotten here at 4:00 in the morning and won the raffle.  They'd gotten themselves seats, and they actually applauded.  And a marshal, a female marshal, who had been very patient with them before said, Now, kids, you're going to have to leave.  You know, these were young people.  They applauded.

He walked in.  Maybe you saw the outfit he was wearing.  Maybe the audience just saw it.  It had a -- you know, a medallion on it.  He had a white armpiece on.  He looked like, you know, a guard in the Montenegro Palace (search) procession.  You know, and he sat down, and the judge came out.  It was a remarkable contrast because this judge is as softspoken and as diminutive as any jurist I have ever seen in a trial court.  He spoke very slowly, very precisely, very, very quietly.  And the contrast between him and the boisterous nature of the audience before he took the bench was very interesting.

Now, by the way, about Janet Jackson (search) -- let me just mention one thing.  When court was just about to begin, she wasn't in the courtroom.  And one of the marshals said to another marshal in the back of the courtroom, We have four seats left, meaning that four people who were waiting to get in who didn't have seats yet would be allowed in.  And sure enough, the first two of them were Janet Jackson and her companion.

VAN SUSTEREN:  All right, let me...

GOLDMAN:  In other words, they did not arrive with anybody else.

VAN SUSTEREN:  All right, well, let me bring Dan in.  Dan, you went to that party in Neverland.  Tell me what you saw.

DAN SIMON, "CELEBRITY JUSTICE":  Well, first of all, here at the courthouse, they handed out these invitations, and I was able to get one.  You go to Neverland (search), and it's like going to an amusement park.  They literally give you an arm bracelet, which I'm still wearing.  Basically, you walk in and you see the elephants.  You see the llamas.  You see the flamingos, the ducks.  And you're awestruck by seeing Neverland.  It was my first time to Neverland.

And basically, they gave all the visitors carte blanche.  You could walk wherever you wanted to go.  You could go to the movie theater, to the amusement park.  And so it was interesting just seeing Neverland.  And of course, it was really interesting seeing the people there.  And it was just like a very festive gathering.  It was like a convention for Michael Jackson fans, and they were all taking refuge there and seemed to be enjoying themselves, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN:  Dan, was Michael Jackson actually at the party? That's question number one...  And how about his legal team?  Did they show up at the party?

SIMON:  Well, I didn't see any member of his legal team, but I did see Michael Jackson.  He showed up and he was greeting some of the fans.  He waved some of the fans over, signed some autographs, gave some hugs.  And then he retreated to his guest house.  He was guarded there by some folks from the Nation of Islam and we never saw him again.  But he did make a brief appearance, and once again, the videographer was with him every step of way.

VAN SUSTEREN:  All right, Dan, just hang -- put up your arm, maybe show Dan's arm with that bracelet on it that you got from Neverland.  Let's get off -- let's see this bracelet.  This is the bracelet you got.  Are you going to take it off, Dan, or is it a souvenir?

SIMON:  I'll take it off after the show and I'll mail it to you.  How about that?

VAN SUSTEREN:  Oh, I'd love to see it.  All right, Dan, thank you very much.  Stan, I want you to stand by.

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