Michael Jackson Evidently Moving to Rental Home in Virginia

Michael Jackson

Jacko: Virginia-Bound After Vegas Exit

Michael Jackson is moving to … Los Angeles? Europe? The moon?

None of the above. Jackson is evidently on his way to a rental in Virginia.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Jacko.

Could things get stranger? You say no, but I say yes. Here’s another Jacko headline, and it’s right on the money from my very good sources.

The failing, ailing, falling pop star was supposed to appear on the BET Awards a week ago. However, when the show producers approached his people (Raymone Bain and Grace Rwaramba, the nanny), they were told Jackson was too incapacitated to appear.

Jackson’s people will go crazy when they read this today, but it’s 100 percent true. The BET Awards are produced by Ron Weisner, an old Jackson friend who was on the scene with Freddy DeMann during the "Thriller" era.

Weisner didn’t return our calls Monday. But sources close to him verified that Weisner was very enthusiastic about creating a “25th anniversary of 'Thriller'” moment on the show.

”It’s the best-selling album of all time and should have been acknowledged,” my insider says. “But there was too much drama. Michael could not make it. He’s isolated and he’s failing.”

Another source told me that Jackson was also invited to give Diana Ross her lifetime achievement award.

“Michael would never miss doing something for Diana," the source says. "But the producers were told he was too messed up to make the show.”

Of course, while Jackson was not making the BET show, he was busy packing up his $1 million, one-year Las Vegas rental and heading to Virginia.

Why the colony most famous for George Washington and Busch Gardens? Some have speculated that Virginia Beach has been the locale of many recording studios, including those of Teddy Riley and Timbaland.

Still, the betting money is on Bain, who works in Washington, D.C., keeping a closer eye on her main client and goose that used to lay the golden egg. Where that leaves Rwaramba is anyone’s guess after she moved into Turnberry Towers in Las Vegas.

But Virginia has an added advantage: It keeps Jackson 3,000 miles away from his concerned family. I told you last week they are ready to pounce on Bain and Rwaramba over Michael’s health and welfare.

“Look at Michael’s year with them,” said one very respected source who has not much use for Bain. “No music, no life, no progress. He’s also lost or settled a number of lawsuits for lots of money. And now this.”

The lawsuits include $5 million to Prescient Capital, perhaps a half million dollars to former lawyer Brent Ayscough (judgment and legal fees) and more to lawyers who feel they weren’t paid from four years ago. In the fall, recent Jacko manager Dieter Wiesner’s lawsuit proceeds to court as well.

One BET source, who knew a lot about the Jackson episode, just shook their head. “It’s a tragedy what’s happened to him.”