Mexico's President Gets Very, Very Angry...

The president of Mexico is very, very angry. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo".

After the House passed the Border Protection Act last week by a vote of 239 to 182, Mr. Fox let loose. He calls a proposed wall shameful. He says the legislation is driven by people who have an unhealthy fear of foreigners. He says illegal aliens make an enormous contribution to the American economy and they're human and "labor rights" are being violated.

Now none of that rhetoric should surprise you. President Fox has done absolutely nothing to prevent millions of people from crossing his northern border and illegally entering the USA. In fact, some border patrol agents have accused Mexican authorities of actually helping illegals get into this country, a charge Fox denies.

But there is no denying that the president has lost control of the border. Drug gangs terrorize cities like Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo. And human smuggling gangs operate openly from Brownsville to San Diego.

In addition, Fox has done little to improve the tremendous poverty and corruption that plagues Mexican society. And he knows that things would be catastrophic if not for the money both legal and illegal Mexican immigrants send back home.

In short, Vicente Fox is putting all Americans, you, in danger. His failed administration is chaotic. And millions of people are flowing into the USA without any authority knowing who they are. In this age of terrorism, that is disastrous.

So Congress is finally forced to do something because the American people have had enough. The House bill won't stop illegal immigration, but it'll slow things down and punish the most egregious offenders like these sanctuary cities, which refuse to cooperate with the federal government in controlling the problem.

The bill would also punish businesses who continue to violate the law by hiring illegals.

The big flaw in the bill is the lack of a guest worker program. Some American businesses need the labor. And a disciplined guest program would help the USA, not hurt it. Such a program would also make it harder for the open border zealots preach their insanity.

"Talking Points" hopes the Senate, when it takes up illegal immigration early next year, will include a guest worker provision. The U.S. government will not use the military to control the border, which is the solution. An expensive fence will do some good, but it would also be used by people like Vicente Fox to criticize the mean, cold United States.

Fox, of course, is not looking out for us. He is desperately trying to prop up his failed administration, but it won't work. Americans do want border security. And it had better happen soon. And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

New Yorker Magazine joins our hall of shame. We are recommending readers and sponsors avoid the publication. The reason: that magazine allows writer Hendrick Hertzberg to print dishonest propaganda fed to him by left-wing smear sites.

As I previously stated, any publication or news operation that does that will be listed on as not worthy of your attention or advertising dollars. The spin and the propaganda stop here.

The New Yorker Magazine should be ashamed and is absolutely ridiculous. And one note to Mr. Hertzberg, you might want to rethink your process of character assassination, sir. Just looking out for you.

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