Merry Christmas, Maybe...

Merry Christmas maybe. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Over Thanksgiving, I was down in the Bahamas, which is a Christian country. And lots of folks were asking me about the Christmas controversy here in the USA. They just couldn't understand it. Everybody says Merry Christmas in the Bahamas. Ten years ago, almost everybody said Merry Christmas in America, but now that's changed. It is happy holiday time. Christmas is a forbidden word to some.

What's happened is frightening. A legal assault by the ACLU combined with the media that blatantly promotes secularism has succeeded in convincing some Americans that the words Merry Christmas are inappropriate while celebrating the national holiday of Christmas!

This, of course, is nuts. Anyone offended by the words Merry Christmas has problems not even St. Nicholas could solve.

Every company in America should be on its knees thanking Jesus for being born. Without Christmas, most American businesses would be far less profitable. More than enough reason for business to be screaming Merry Christmas.

But many will not. They're afraid of being attacked by secular forces.

It is now time to draw the line, ladies and gentlemen. We must decide whether we value our heritage or not. Make no mistake about this. "Merry Christmas" is an emotional, but small issue. The drastic change the secular progressive movement wants in this country is the big issue.

Those people want an America free from spirituality and judgments about personal behavior. And they may get it.

So "Talking Points" is putting together a "coalition of the willing" to fight against this secular movement. George Soros and Peter Lewis, the money men behind the secular curtain, have financed a number of Web sites which routinely attack those with whom they disagree in the most vile ways.

Most mainstream media avoid the far left smear sites, but some help them. In the coming weeks, we will expose those media which pass along the vicious personal attacks.

We've already listed some of them on And we hope you steer clear of those organizations.

If traditional America rises up and punishes the mainstream media, which furthers the cause of Soros and the ACLU, they will lose. The defamation pipeline that has been cleverly devised will collapse. If Christmas in America can be marginalized, any tradition can be — including marriage and the way you raise your kids. This is what the culture war is all about.

Religious tradition has collapsed throughout Europe and Canada. And it may collapse here. Every American has to decide exactly what kind of country he or she wants. And the time to decide is now.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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