Mel Gibson, Dana Carvey and Martin Lawrence

Signs, Disguises and a not so stand-up guy in the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Critics are split over whether or not to believe in Signs. Mel Gibson is director M. Night Shyamalan's new Bruce Willis. After The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable it was probably time for something new. But what we end up with here is basically a very long Twilight Zone episode. And just what is in that corn field? My sixth sense is that this one is very breakable.

Next Dana Carvey says he's a Master of Disguise. Now if he was just a master of scriptwriting. That turtle gag wasn't funny the first time I saw it. Now after about a hundred commercials I'm wishing he was turtle soup. Even Carvey says this one is for his kids. The rest of us might want to stay home according to most reviews.

Finally, Martin Lawrence has a new concert movie out this weekend. I'd play a little of my recent interview with him but the studio still hasn't given me the tape back. Even if he hadn't sworn at me I'd still say concert films are a tough sell. This one has Lawrence explaining his side of his legal troubles, claiming the media misreprents him, and then admits he was high during many of the antics. You're right, Martin, we got it wrong. We were too nice.