'Medical' Mysteries: Chris Benoit and Anna Nicole Smith

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On Monday night's show we will have a very special guest: first lady Laura Bush at the White House.

Here is today’s challenge: Please tell me why Dr. Astin is being investigated (not charged) for supplying drugs to WWE star Chris Benoit and the doctors who prescribed all those drugs for Anna Nicole Smith are not being investigated — or at least we are not hearing about an investigation? Anna Nicole died with lots of drugs in her system and, while I am not a doctor, I am still perplexed why she had so many drugs in her system. Why would her doctors prescribe them, why the combination and in the quantity they were? Were there legitimate reasons or not? I think both Dr. Astin and the doctors who prescribed drugs for Anna Nicole should be investigated fully and fairly to see if they violated any laws. If they are investigated and no laws were violated, that should be announced so that their names can be cleared. That is the fair thing to do. And if any of the doctors violated the law there should be a prosecution. Of course it is important to point out that thus far there is no proof of any wrongdoing. Rather there are, in my opinion, some troubling facts that warrant an investigation. Sometimes suspicious facts turn out to be nothing.

E-mail me (ontherecord@foxnews.com) whether you agree and think the doctors for both Anna Nicole and Chris Benoit should be investigated.

And while I am on the topic of Anna Nicole Smith: Would you like to hear what went on in Anna Nicole's hotel room in the hour leading up to her death? You will. We have that interview for you — an interview with someone who was there and spoke to us at great length on tape. I am not sure when we will air the interview — maybe tonight. But most likely next week since we want a few people to study it first (Dr. Baden is one of those we want to study it.) By the way, what we were told in the interview spikes my curiosity... it does not put to rest the matter.

Now for your e-mails (and after the e-mails some articles that caught my attention)

E-mail No. 1

Hello Greta,
Paris served 23 days because of stupid sheriff syndrome. If Baca had kept her 3 or 4 days and released her saying nobody ever gets more than that, there may have been an outcry but the facts would have backed him up. Instead he created a circus and was pretty much forced to make her do the full 23 afterwards.
Martha was the victim of a if we can't get you for a crime we will get you for lying about it mentality. Yes lying is wrong but when people get in trouble it comes pretty natural.
Libby's case had no more to do with justice than the impeachment hearings of Bill Clinton. For all the people who are bemoaning President Bush's decision to commute (not pardon) Libby's sentence, I would ask them what is their view of the Mark Rich pardon while he was a fugitive from justice.

E-mail No. 2

This deal, to commute Scooter Libby, was in the works months if not years ago! He was the man they decided would take the fall for the fiasco. I'm tired of hearing about Bill Clinton and the Susan McDougal deal. She did jail time and a lot of it! This administration is by far the most sneaky and dishonest I've ever seen. They have consistently proven they do exactly what they want when they want and if we don't like it... TOUGH!
Very disgusted!
Ingrid [Adams]
P.S. My niece just graduated from UW-Madison and it's changed a lot. It's NOT the safe State Street you remember.

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
Great show, as always.
I believe that Paris Hilton deserved to spend some time in jail, due to her blatant disregard of her probation. I feel she was given ample opportunity to clean up her act.
With regard to the fact that both Stewart and Libby were not charged with the crime for which they were originally investigated, I feel as though Stewart was pursued due to the fact that she was a strong, outspoken woman. I did not agree with her politically, but I sincerely believe that she was prosecuted to bring her down, or to make an example of her. I feel the Libby prosecution was a straight up political witch hunt, by democrats, who thought that they could pin something on the president to bring him down, or, severely weaken him and the Republican Party. The president and the Republican Party have done that all by themselves, as of late. Both of these cases were a huge waste of taxpayer money that could have been spent better elsewhere.
What I am curious to see, is if Congress, in all of their hypocrisy, will investigate Dianne Feinstein, by her membership on the Armed Services Committee, for shunting hundreds of millions of dollars into her husband's company. I don't expect to see nor hear of any investigation on Feinstein, as she is a sacred cow here in CA, and Democrats are not willing to crucify their own, as the Republicans do. I see the Democrats and the Republicans as two sides of the same coin, who are both out to exploit those who pay their salaries AND the bills: us.
Kind regards,
Fred Martinez
Emeryville, CA

E-mail No. 4

Of the three cases only one had the potential to physically harm someone and only one was convicted of the crime they were charged with. Ms. Stewart, Mr. Libby and ex-Pres. Clinton were all convict of a crime trying to protect themselves.
Mark Finley

ANSWER: How do you factor in that Paris’ crime was a misdemeanor (driving after suspension) and the other two felonies?

E-mail No. 5

In a nutshell — Martha nor Paris are "BUDDIES" with the president... same as some of Clinton's cronies that received pardons. Washington D.C. gets more corrupt every day. "SAD BUT SO TRUE".
Darla Jean Fietsch
Temecula, CA

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
I just got around to reading your blog and I want to make a couple comments. I have to be honest; I don’t feel too sorry for Martha Stewart or Paris Hilton. I think they are both extremely spoiled and pampered, so maybe a little jail time was good for them. It does seem like some people can get away with murder and not spend a minute in jail, while others who commit petty crimes wind up in jail. Like you said, our justice system is not perfect, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It’s funny that you should write about justice in today’s blog, because I was just talking to my pastor and his secretary this morning about a man in Cumberland who was sentenced to 15 years in jail for burglarizing a church. The article doesn’t go into great detail, but he was convicted of second-degree burglary, malicious destruction of property having a value of over $500 and theft of property having value less than $100. You’re the lawyer, so does that seem like an excessive amount to you? We compared that to the relative slap on the wrist that some people get, including some of the Enron folks. Without knowing the details, it’s hard to judge on the fairness of that sentence, but it does seem excessive to me.
On a totally unrelated note, I just want to say that I really enjoyed your interview with Ted Dibiase. He hit that nail on the head when he commented about people needing to take responsibility for their actions, no matter what circumstances they are facing. I think that’s one of the biggest problems with society today-no one wants to take responsibility for their actions. They are quick to blame someone or something else. We’d all be a lot better off if people had the courage to take responsibility for their actions-the good and the bad.
Just my two cents. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your show. You do a great job!
Take care,
Margie Gacki
Cumberland, MD

E-mail No. 7

Dear Greta,
Absolutely LOVE your show. I reconcile it the same way the judicial system reconciled the issue of perjury with former President Clinton. Surgery is against the law no matter what you lie to the court about.
You do not have to figure Libby into the equation. It is the president's constitutional right to pardon anyone he chooses to. The only thing I object to is that President Bush only commuted his jail time instead of giving him a full pardon.
I think what happened to Paris Hilton was deserved because basically she was giving the court the shaft and she and her mother acted ridiculous. Maybe this will be a lesson well learned and she just may not end up like Anna Nicole Smith.
Beverly Massegee
Nevada, TX

ANSWER: Either Margie’s spell check has "perjury" mixed up with "surgery" or all surgeons should be arrested IMMEDIATELY for violating the law! No one is above the law!

E-mail No. 8

Dear Greta,
Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon both did not have to go to jail for committing perjury. Martha was a CEO of a publicly traded company and she knew better what insider info was than anyone that is why she went to jail.
Our system would be better if Clinton, Scooter and Valerie Plame (who either lied or forgot but swore under oath that she did not recommend her husband) should all be facing a jail sentence. Paris went to jail because she was late for court. Note for self do not be late for court ever!
Keep up the great reporting,
Lee Russell

ANSWER: Lee — how do you factor in that Libby is a lawyer and knows the law?

E-mail No. 9

Scooter should have served time! Pres. should never have commuted sentence! The line about “Look at what Pres. Clinton did, pardoning so many!” is not a justification for what Bush has done! There were liars in Watergate and they served didn’t they. Martha lied and served time, so what’s up with this? I’m a big fan of Bush’s, but now have my doubts about his effectiveness to serve out his term. What he has done was wrong!
Bob Cormier — C.R.M.C.

E-mail No. 10

Hi Greta,
There is a simple answer to your question about the Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby case, which has nothing to do with the profession you hold dear... these women are not part of the "all boys clubs" or the GOP.
As an aside, I now think Bush should Pardon Martha Stewart and clear her record.
New York, NY

E-mail No. 11

Dear Greta,
The Scooter Libby case is easier to reconcile than the other two — because he is a political appointee, and no so much of a celebrity figure. We Americans want to trust our government officials, especially the elected ones. It is clear that Libby was a target, because he is a Republican in the Bush administration — that’s number one. The fact that he’s a Republican lawyer may be number two. Washington has been playing the get even card, it seems, since Nixon. I sincerely doubt that Bush would have commuted Libby’s sentence if Libby would have remained free pending appeal.
What is most concerning is that the Executive Branch of our government is charged with ‘executing the law”; so if Libby is guilty, he has breeched our trust. However, when the very top man (Bill Clinton) can lie under oath, to a Grand Jury, and issue pardons to convicted criminals at record levels - then we have reason to distrust that our elected officials take their sworn oath seriously! I can reconcile a difference here.
Cedar Rapids, IA

E-mail No. 12

I too am perplexed by our justice system. Lately it seems that our system seems to be heavily influenced by the politics of immediate public opinion. This public opinion can make for chaotic decisions. Also, too often we want to “send a message” to other potential violators. These do not make for real justice in individual cases. Additionally, national politicians are heavily influencers in power plays. Our judicial system, in my opinion, was intended to avert these situations. In recent years, it seems that any “high profile case” is more influenced by the power of public persuasion than the power of the law.
Ken Hunerdosse

E-mail No. 13

Dear Greta:
I don't understand why there wasn't more done regarding the investigation of Anna Nicole's doctors concerning her prescriptions; like there has been already with Chris Benoit's doctor.
Columbus, OH

E-mail No. 14

I think I threw up in my mouth…Isenhour says it's "absolutely pathetic that people don't have anything better to do with their time." Is he serious? He’s basically bashing the legal system that protects minors against sexual predators. AND he failed, once again, to obey the law by not registering in his sex offender history in Kansas. He should be ashamed for down-playing the seriousness of his crime, instead of owning up to his past actions. He’s the pathetic one.
Baltimore, MD

E-mail No. 15

Hmm... I wouldn't vote for this man. Instead of enlightening us as to the circumstances of his Wisconsin criminal record and why he broke the law again by not registering as a sex offender in Kansas, he shoots the messenger: "absolutely pathetic that people don't have anything better to do with their time."
Isenhour's condescending comment about 1992 being a long time ago sounds like an whine to me.
I don't like people who believe they're above the law. I don't like people who defend their bad behavior by blaming others. Reality is what it is. Verbal camouflage is often an attempt at redirecting fault. Isenhour may only be guilty of being stupid, but in my opinion, he still is.
A halo is only six inches away from being a noose.
Thank you,
An old woman
[Jane Wells]

E-mail No. 16

15 years is too long to go back to. They probably were both emotionally equivalent! Girls that age who come from families with non-existent fathers search for love in all the wrong places! There are thousands of teenaged girls having sex with guys in rock bands! No one seems to do anything about that dirty little secret.
What's so different? Let it go!
Don Webb
McCormick, SC

E-mail No. 17

So, am I to understand that this gentleman was required as part of his punishment in the 1992 conviction to register as a sex offender and is still legally considered a registered sex offender. If so, then he has broken yet another law in Kansas by not registering when he moved there - how is that anyone's fault but his own. Hoorah to the person who turned him in. How can a convicted felon be allowed to hold a public office? What's next, Scott Peterson for president?
Kimberly Laughrey
Roanoke Rapids, NC

E-mail No. 18

I don't care if hell freezes over! I just want to know where Ted bought that green tie!

E-mail No. 19

Thank you for your interview with Miss Maryland and her information on her own bout with skin cancer/melanoma. I, too, have the fair skin and blond hair, the same as your guest, but my sun exposure came from living in the Middle East and having 5 severe skin burns (blisters) before the age of 18. Last summer I was diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma on my left shoulder, and had an excision and a sentinel node biopsy in order to make sure the cancer had not spread. Luckily, it had not. But, I live with the knowledge every day of what could have happened, and will spend the next 2 years getting to know my dermatologist by visiting every three months. I also am aware of hats, and sunscreen and long sleeve shirts. I cannot stress the fact that while the sun is healthy, too much and too little protection can cause skin cancer. I also understand that skin cancer has increased in people in their early years due to exposure to tanning beds. Thank you for sharing that story and what the realities can be about that exposure, and how to protect yourself and your skin.
Minneapolis, MN

E-mail No. 20

G'day Greta,
On your next visit to Singapore, head out to Sentosa Island, Dolphin Lagoon where you can actually pet a Pink Indo-Pacific Dolphin…. The dolphin is not as pink as the one you featured, but still amazing.
Tina and Charles Haughton
Mt. Charlton, Australia

E-mail No. 21

I was surprised to see that Greta Van Susteren did not know that pink dolphins exist.
My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Brazil this past April and while on the Amazon River we saw them.
There are many sites on the Internet, but here's one:
Eunice Conn
Polo, IL

ANSWER: There are a lot of things I don't know... if you read www.gretawire.com every day you know that one of the big thrills of my job is that I learn so much each day and I love to learn. I am extremely curious, and want to learn more... but yes, there are many things I don't know (and some I will never know.)

E-mail No. 22

To whom it may concern,
In regards to the "pink dolphin" featured in FOX News... yes, the so called Boto Dolphin is pink and can be found in the Amazon River basin. This is a fresh water dolphin and young boto dolphins are grey in color but as they get older they do take on a more pink color.
Michaela Magpile

E-mail No. 23

I remember doing fifth grade homework. All the kids learned about the Amazon fresh water dolphins. Pink or grey. Or just Google Amazon river pink dolphins.
Jack Dunn

ANSWER: I was either out sick that day in the 5th grade or, as the nuns would say, "Busy bothering my neighbors across the aisle" or worse, sitting in Sr. Acquinata's office being punished.

E-mail No. 24

I am an 11-year-old girl and I knew this! That is an albino animal! They are rare and very amazing.
Savannah Cates
Knoxville, TN

E-mail No. 25

Albino. You're seeing the blood in the capillaries near the skin. The red/pink eyes are the key. All albinos have pink eyes.
Jack R.
Centerville, OH

E-mail No. 26

Part way up the Amazon River (I believe near where the tidal ocean salt water joins the fresh river water), ALL of the dolphins that swim and live there are pink. I saw them while traveling up the Amazon River several years ago. The locals even have a mythology built up about the pink dolphins temporarily turning into young men on occasion at night and trying to date the pretty girls. That's why the girl is supposed to make sure that any new young man that wants a date doesn't have a "blow hole" on the back of his head; she is supposed to take off his cap to check.
Since this water is brackish, it would not be at all unusual for a few pink dolphins to wash out into the Atlantic Ocean during storms. Many could adapt to the increased salinity without difficulty. Since this pink dolphin was seen in the Gulf of Mexico, it could easily have swum into the Gulf around the top of South America. Some other butterfly fish that are primarily found at the mouth of the Amazon River are routinely collected in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.
Why don't you do a follow-up story on how well this pink dolphin gets accepted by other dolphins in the region and any difference in behavior with them? Does it also come up to the boat to eat? (Its Amazon diet may be somewhat different.) I believe that the Amazon pink dolphins are slightly shorter that the ordinary ones.
Rolfe O. Reinhart, M.D.

E-mail No. 27

Hi Greta,
You can't reconcile these three cases. They won't balance. First off the most serious of the crimes was Paris Hilton. She drove while impaired. That's a big no, no. But her charges were reduced and she was sentenced to jail for a probation violation for driving on a suspended license so not that big of a crime. Paris served her time, originally kicking, screaming and crying but settled in and served 23 days. She went in a day or two early to serve her time.
Then there's Martha Stewart. She was originally thought to be involved in insider trading (Could have been a big crime) but ended up being charged with lying under oath. I guess it's ok to lie to the Feds as long as you aren't under oath. Not a huge crime either. She was sentenced to six months in jail and also served her time. No kicking, screaming or crying she just did it and went in early like Paris.
Then there is Scooter Libby. Originally thought to have leaked the name of a CIA agent (also could have been a big crime). But then he was finally charged with lying under oath too. Another one who needs to learn when to lie I guess. But he was sentenced to two and one half years in prison. However, no kicking, screaming or crying necessary here as the President of the United States commuted his sentence saying it was too harsh. Bet Paris and Martha would have liked to have had the same kind of treatment.
So here's how you reconcile this: If you are a celebrity woman, such as Paris and Martha, and people hate you for no real reason, just to utter your name brings laughs and groans and anger, then you will serve your sentence. The president doesn't care if you are being wronged. But if you are an assistant to the vice president of the United States and you have covered your friends' asses so they aren't indicted, then your sentence will be commuted by one of your friends in low (in this case high) places known as President Bush. Had Paris and Martha voted for President Bush or served him in any way, he might have noticed they were in jail and tried to help them too. But since they didn't they serve their time while Scooter is free to go. You can't reconcile it Greta, there is no balance to this kind of justice.
Barb Christianson
Grand Junction, CO

E-mail No. 28

Dear Greta,
I watch your show regularly and really enjoy it. Last night, July 3, I saw your story on Miss Maryland, Brittany Lietz.
My husband was diagnosed nine years ago but had a recurrence a year ago that now has him at stage 4. What we have found out along the way is that he has really outlived standard of care treatments. We are now faced with using clinical trials but there are few out there and not enough research money is given to the study of melanoma.
I would like to e-mail Miss Maryland. Putting a celebrity face to the disease may help in gaining research money. Unfortunately, there is not a three-day walk for melanoma or telethon to raise money. We need this disease to become a household name in order for that to occur. Melanoma is very treatable if caught early. Just like Brittany Lietz, teenagers are overdoing the tanning salons and are very susceptible to the disease. More press about it could really save lives. Her platform needs more exposure.
I hope you have her e-mail address. I tried googling for it and did not find it.
Thank you

Finally, some articles that caught my attention:

• Judge cleared of wrongdoing for comment in court

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The state Judicial Qualifications Commission has cleared a Broward County judge of any wrongdoing for making a comment some called racist.

Circuit Judge Charles Greene used the term "N-H-I." in April after jurors acquitted a defendant of attempted murder.

The victim, defendant and witnesses in the case were all black and N-H-I is an acronym used to describe why some crimes against the poor or minorities might not be investigated or pursued as thoroughly as possible. It stands for "no humans involved."

Greene said he made the comment to describe the credibility of the witnesses involved in the case, not as a racist slur. The judge's attorney says it took the J-Q-C just five minutes to clear him last week.

The outcry over Greene's comment prompted him to switch from the criminal to civil division.
(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

• Beach weddings still OK at St. Augustine Beach, for now

ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Couples can still say 'I do at' St. Augustine Beach. But that's just for now.

City Commissioners have delayed a decision on whether to curtail beach wedding celebrations after residents complained they create noise and other problems. Wedding planners defend the ceremonies, but residents complain that the large wedding parties are obnoxious. Residents say up to 100 guests park carelessly for ceremonies and can bring large sound set-ups along with alcohol.

The commissioners say they will make a decision at their next meeting.
(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

• O'Hare runway gets new moniker in name of safety

CHICAGO (AP) — An O'Hare runway is getting a new name. And while travelers likely won't notice, the change is being made in the name of safety.

The runway known as "Nine Right/27 Left" will be runway "Ten/28" by tomorrow morning, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation.

It may not be a big deal to passengers, but the change should avoid pilot confusion and prevent planes from landing in the wrong place.

It's all part of the airport's $15 billion expansion, which includes the first new runway in more than 30 years.

The new runway will be the busy airport's third east-west airstrip, with three more to come. So federal officials suggested re-naming existing runways now.

Another runway will change names in late August.
(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

• Evacuation called off at Flint, Mich., airport

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — Bishop International Airport in Flint was ordered evacuated for several hours Wednesday evening after nine bomb threats were received by telephone, authorities said.

The terminal was ordered evacuated shortly after the threats were called in to the airport's crash, fire and rescue department about 5 p.m., said Tad Hutcheson, vice president of marketing for AirTran Airways, the biggest carrier at Bishop.

"There was a nonspecific bomb threat called into the airport. ... It did not mention any airline by name," Hutcheson told The Associated Press. "We evaluated the threat. We considered it a nonspecific threat, but we take it seriously nonetheless."

Norm Brewer, a Transportation Security Administration spokesman in Washington, told The AP shortly before 9 p.m., "All is clear in Flint and aviation operations are back to normal."

Brewer said he did not know if any bombs were found or whether there were any suspects or arrests.

AirTran Flight 246, with 116 passengers and five crew members aboard, arrived from Atlanta at 5:43 p.m. "When he touched down in Flint, that's when the airport operations advised the captain he had to go to remote parking," Hutcheson said.

Law enforcement officials and emergency crews surrounded the Boeing 717, and passengers were held on the aircraft until about 8 p.m. before being allowed to deplane. The plane was searched and baggage was searched and scanned, Hutcheson said.

An American Eagle flight and and a small Cessna plane also were directed to the remote parking lot, the executive said.

Airport spokeswoman Pat Corfman said four or five flights were diverted away from Bishop, but it was not immediately clear where they were sent. Bishop is located about 50 miles from the Lansing airport and 60 miles from Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

The airport's Web site indicated shortly before 10 p.m. that most scheduled flights were on time, but arriving flights from Detroit, Milwaukee and Orlando, Fla., and a departing flight for Milwaukee were delayed.

FBI agents were assisting local authorities, said Dawn Clenney, a spokeswoman for the bureau's Detroit office. She declined to give details of what the caller or callers said.

Bishop handled more than 1 million passengers last year, according to its Web site. Besides AirTran and American Eagle, it is served by airlines including Northwest, Delta Connection and Continental Connection.
(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

• Pretenders singer to open vegetarian restaurant in Akron

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chrissie Hynde will open a vegetarian restaurant in her hometown late this summer.

Hynde, lead singer of the Pretenders, has decided to name the restaurant VegeTerranean. She will sing accompanied by an acoustic guitarist at a free concert at the grand opening of the restaurant on Sept. 15.

The restaurant will feature a blend of Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisine. No meat will be served.

Hynde lives in England but will partner with Dan Duplain, owner of Fedeli restaurant in downtown Canton, so that a local person will be involved permanently with the venture.

Information from: Akron Beacon Journal, www.ohio.com
(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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