So Dick Cheney speaks and the media says he should stop.


Because protocol says he should, or because they just wish he would?

Because they think he's crazy for saying things and they really don't want to listen, or he's not at all crazy for saying things and they're very much afraid a lot folks will listen?

Who knows? This much I do know: He's free to speak his mind. Just as critics of the vice president are free to say he's lost his mind. It’s his call, not theirs.

But if he's so crazy to think releasing interrogation photos compromises both our image and our security around the world, then why has an administration that's all but called him crazy seen the wisdom of his crazy case?

Now the White House objects to releasing thousands of those photos, just like it continues to object to the release of CIA memos that might give some context to those photos.

No worry now, because no photos now. Just like no memos now. So no telling who's right now: The crazy veep who continues to pound his point or the cool predident who continues to ignore it.

Weird because the crazy guy just got the cool guy to cool it. Which makes you wonder whether the cool guy is really all that cool, or the crazy guy all that crazy.

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