Media Treating Town Hall Protesters Like Nuts

I always love the way the media treat these town hall health care reform protesters; they're nuts for thinking Washington's idea of reform is nuts. So Washington all but calls them nuts.

The congresswoman who can't soil herself with such meetings so as not to give "those people" a forum — New York Democrat Louise Slaughter actually said that. These crude folks who yell and rant — how positively un-civil.

But you know something? Try as I might, not a one of those crude folks who pointed fingers ever bit off one.

Not a one picking apart a congressman ever physically removed a pinkie from a congressman or anyone else.

So finger them for being critical, but don't say a one has been a cannibal. Because here's the thing about town hall health care protesters: They bark, but they don't bite.

The media loves to show them barking. Could you imagine if they got video of any one of them biting? Man, that would be all over the place and front-page news every place: See? These crazies are cannibals!

Imagine my surprise then when the crazy turned out to be on the other side — their side.

Then, the media doesn't bite. Then, they just about ignore the biter and conveniently forget the guy who pulled a Mike Tyson on the guy who didn't agree with him.

Some even say, the biter isn't the problem, the guy he bit — Bill Rice — is. Bill started it and besides, Bill's on Medicare. So Bill's a hypocrite and now a hypocrite without a finger.

My friends, that's all you need to know about this health care reform debate. In the media, those for it, armed with data and digits; those against, unarmed and now missing digits.

So it's OK to report on protesters you think have lost their minds, but not OK to report when one of them loses their finger?

Well, here's a finger back at you for your hypocrisy and let's just say it isn't a pinkie.

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