Media Misconduct: Where's the Backlash?

Now, if you've ever gone with me to a massage parlor, then you know I love a happy ending.

So it turns out the editor of The New Republic has finally admitted that his writer, Scott Thomas Beauchamp — a private in the U.S. Army — is a liar.

If you don't know, Beauchamp was the guy who made up stuff about soldier misconduct in Iraq — the kind of crap that makes our troops look bad and Sean Penn good.

The editor even allowed the soldier's wife to fact-check the articles — which is like asking me to guard your Vicodin. But it didn't matter, because even if the stories were lies, they were just too good to question. When you want so badly to believe our soldiers eat puppies for fun, then you're willing to buy any story that meets your assumptions.

I guess that's why the media has been dead silent on the surge's success. Maybe they're praying it will end badly — because to them, looking smart is better than saving lives.

Which leads me to an idea: Why doesn't the entire nation join in a class action suit and sue The New Republic for defamation? Because, like Newsweek's "Koran in the toilet" story, there was no blowback.

And that kind of blows.

And that's my gut feeling!

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