So Mel Gibson's getting flack for having an affair — something that never happens in Hollywood, but newsworthy because he's hardcore Catholic.

Meanwhile, Carrie Prejean continues to be crucified — she's a Christian who posed topless to get work.

And of course, there's Bristol Palin — unwed with a baby, talking abstinence.

Now, when it comes to this stuff, the media shifts into the only gear they know: the typed-in equivalent of a Nelson Muntz laugh.

Yeah, we get it: These Christians are all hypocrites and you're not.

But those who point this out foolishly think the argument ends there, as if a flawed person is somehow proof that the critic's own moral beliefs — or lack thereof — are superior.

But I've said this before: To be a hypocrite you need standards. Without standards, you cannot fail to reach them. And being imperfect beings, we are all destined to fail. The fact that we actually keep trying is what makes us human and interesting.

It's not that I support hypocrisy. There are folks who are hypocrites from day one; dirtbags who never had standards to violate (you can find them on "The Real World.") But the media prefers to focus on the failure of people who try, but fail — as though it's better just to admit you're scum and then revel in it.

Larry Flynt exemplified that kind of hero — a man without values who delighted in exposing hypocrisy, but who also admitted to having sex with a chicken. Talk about lack of standards: That chicken's a skank.

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