Media Denies Usama's 9/11 Involvement

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Books denying Usama bin Laden's role in the 9/11 attacks have been all the rage in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Now there's a disturbing trend of similar conspiracy theories in Europe as well.

The third most popular book in Germany last week was something called The CIA and the 11th of September. The book's thesis is that the 9/11 attacks were arranged by the U.S. government to justify the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What's most shocking is that the author of this tract is Andreas Von Bulow (search), a former Cabinet minister and respected member of the German parliament. Despite a lack of evidence supporting his charges, Mr. Von Bulow told the Wall Street Journal that claims about Usama bin Laden's involvement in 9/11, are "99% false." Other books denying terrorist involvement in 9/11 are selling well in Germany and in France.

German public television has also been broadcasting shows that carry water for the same line. When asked why it's in the public interest to air these views, a German TV spokeswoman said: "We should have the courage to bring controversial theses to the public."

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