Maybe We Should Elect Us to Help Us

Washington dithers.

We do.

Gas prices soar.

We shift.

They just throw, well, the shift.

Think about this:

While they point fingers, we point to solutions.

We're driving less.

Apparently a lot less.

In April alone, about 1.4 billion miles less.

And not just us.

Companies too.

United and Continental airlines tired of waiting for Washington to do something about these high prices…doing something themselves.

Forming a partnership of sorts aimed at sharing resources to save fuel.

GM making fewer SUVs.

Toyota, more hybrids.

Aren't the markets amazing?

Moving forward precisely because the government won't.

Dealing with our own hands the finger shot from politicians' hands.

Maybe this is the kind of stuff that gets action.

Congressional inaction.

Longer term, we still have serious energy issues to address.

And eventually these guys we elect are going to have to get off the dime to start saving us some dimes.

But until then, we all seemed to have figured this out nicely.

It's time to change to save some change.

Washington wont do it.

We just did.

Maybe we should elect us to help us.

Were doing a much better job.

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