Maybe Obamacare's Not So Bad

You ever think maybe these health care reform fears are overblown and that these companies announcing all these warnings are overdoing it?

What's got me rethinking this is Commerce Secretary Gary Locke pointing out in Thursday's Wall Street Journal that the companies are missing the forest for the trees; that these guys will save much more money long-term with reform. But stupid pundits don't get it and clueless financial anchors like me don't report it.

Maybe the secretary is right. Maybe those CEOs should admit what I'm about to admit now: They are wrong about health care.

Maybe I am wrong about health care, just like maybe I was wrong about stimulus; refusing to see the good — very bad. Very wrong.

Yep, I was wrong. I am wrong. There — I said it; confession is good for even my soul.

I mean, the stock market did pretty nicely last month and last quarter. That stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum.

So maybe this Holy Thursday, I should quit waging a holy war over government spending. Like I said, it's not all bad and those who spend are not all evil.

Maybe I should give credit rather than just find blame. Maybe I should acknowledge that trillions spent to help this economy is helping this economy and that Ben Bernanke keeping interest rates low isn't the reason; Barack Obama keeping that spigot running at a crucial time is.

I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong and this Holy Week, of all weeks, I should also admit my anti-spending crusade doesn't have a prayer. Because only a fool would deny the clear wisdom of our Democratic leaders — yep, a big fool.

An April fool.

Got you.

Happy April Fool's Day.

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