Maxim Monday: Katie Cassidy Is No Daddy's Girl

Maxim brings the hottest female stars to every Monday. Today, meet 'Harper's' Island star Katie Cassidy.

Her character may be hosting the world’s worst wedding on CBS’s mega murder-mystery series Harper’s Island, but Katie Cassidy is still the girl with whom we’d most like to chicken dance.

We thought our new favorite TV show, Harper’s Island, couldn’t get any better after Harry Hamlin was disemboweled in the first episode.

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Then we saw Katie Cassidy. Starring as Trish Wellington, the radiant bride whose destination wedding becomes a destination blood-bath, the gorgeous Katie helped us understand why everyone would remain on a cursed island even as guests are getting offed one by one.

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As America embraces the show’s unique mix of horror movie and soap opera, we talked to Katie (the daughter of David “Partridge Family” Cassidy!) about what awaits her when she returns to the mainland.

Maxim: Is there a reason you’re a brunette in Harper's Island even though You’re usually a blonde?

Katie: Trish is this rich debutante living in Seattle, so I dyed my hair because it took me out of the California thing. I’m brunette right now, and it’s interesting to see how people react. When I was blonde, it was almost as if people didn’t take me as seriously. Like, “Oh, here’s another blonde girl.” I don’t think it’s fair.

Maxim: Is that also why you didn’t keep those enormous prosthetic boobs you wore in Click?
Katie: You know what? I love being flat! When I had to have those giant, giant boobs in Click, it was painful. I realized why people with huge boobs have back problems. I could not wait to be done with that shoot. I think being flat is sexy.

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