The Material Girl hopes people pay attention to her latest offstage act: endorsing Wesley Clark (search) for president.

Madonna (search), who announced her support for the retired general before Christmas, posted a letter Wednesday on her eponymous Web site urging others to follow her.

• Raw Data: Madonna's Letter Backing Clark

"I am writing to you because the future I wish for my children is at risk," said the mother of two, who criticized the current White House occupant. "I'm supporting Wes Clark because in him I see the qualifications, character and vision that we so desperately need."

Madonna, who now calls London home, pledges to do all she can to help Clark's campaign and includes a Web link for people to contribute to the Democratic candidate. She also will hold fund-raiser at her Los Angeles residence sometime in the future, said Clark spokesman Bill Buck.

This isn't the first time Madonna has shown her distaste for the Bush administration. Last spring, during the Iraq war, she withdrew a violent, anti-war video that included a scene in which a grenade is thrown in the direction of a President Bush (search) lookalike.