The food at the Federal Corrections Camp in Alderson, W.Va., apparently is nothing to write home about — unless one is eating it with Martha Stewart.

Roman Catholic nun Carol Gilbert, 57, who is serving time in the same prison as the famous homemaker, says she enjoys eating with Stewart, although the setting could be better.

"We're not talking about a tea party," Gilbert's attorney, Sue Tyburski, told the Rocky Mountain News for a story in Saturday's editions. "We're talking about a big cafeteria setting with the terrible food."

Gilbert is serving 33 months on convictions of obstructing the national defense and damaging government property for her role in an anti-war protest at a missile silo in 2002.

Stewart was convicted on obstruction of justice in May and began serving her five-month sentence at the women's federal prison Oct. 8.

Stewart, 63, is getting "kid-glove" treatment from the guards, Tyburski said.

"She's in great demand for people to visit with at lunchtime," she said.

Gilbert bolstered suggestions that Stewart is writing a book about her prison experience. Tyburski said her client she hopes she writes about women who have received lengthy sentences under federal mandatory drug-sentencing laws.

Stewart's publicist did not immediately reply to an e-mail inquiry from The Associated Press.