Marla Trumps The Donald With Silence

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Marla Maples Trumps the Donald With Silence

With Donald Trump's opulent wedding scheduled to take place in three days, his most recent ex-wife, Marla Maples, is not attending.

Despite rumors to the contrary, she wasn't even invited. But she wouldn't go even if she had been. Not that Marla is on bad terms with The Donald.

"It wouldn't be appropriate," she told me.

Marla's daughter with Donald, Tiffany, is going and will be getting the royal treatment. Marla is thrilled that Tiffany will be part of the festivities.

What will Mom be doing? Marla, happily living in Beverly Hills, is just "laying low and enjoying some downtime."

Personally, I think she's the big winner in all this. The Georgia peach has never looked so good or seemed so serene. She's positively glowing from being off the fast track. It's a lesson many could learn from her.

Warner Brothers' 'Million Dollar' Mistake?

It didn't seem possible, but it happened. When the British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced its list of award nominees on Sunday night, "Million Dollar Baby" was conspicuously absent.

That's right: British Academy Film Awards voters shunned this incredibly acclaimed masterpiece, directed by Clint Eastwood and raved about in this column.

Not only was the movie itself ignored, but so were Eastwood, both as director and actor, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman.

Eastwood and company must have had some idea what was up, since they skipped the BAFTA tea held on Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.

While almost every other likely movie nominee was represented at the gathering by at least one cast member, the "Million Dollar Baby" people were notably absent.

This comes on top of the fact that "Million Dollar Baby" has been in such limited release since it debuted five weeks ago that it's only made a paltry $6 million. Three other major films came out at the same time, and each of them has earned quite a bit more.

"The Aviator" has racked up $55 million and "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" has grossed $155 million. Even the unbelievably expensive "Spanglish," which should have cost $50 million but wound up costing double that, has taken in $40 million after being released the same week.

Warner Brothers, which has distributed Eastwood's movies since talkies began, is notoriously strange when it comes to pushing "classy" movies. A few years ago I chronicled its release pattern on "L.A. Confidential," which consisted of cutting the number of screens as the movie won more and more prizes.

So let's play devil's advocate for a minute. Let's suppose that someone at Warner Brothers thinks the company should wait until "Million Dollar Baby" gets some Oscar nominations before it increases the number of screens and brings in some revenue.

That won't be for two more weeks, at least, meaning "Million Dollar Baby" will have been sitting around for about seven weeks before the company puts real bucks into it.

Critics of that plan can argue that the audience will consider it "old" already and not be particularly interested.

As for the BAFTA mess, my sources in the U.K. say that Warner Brothers did little to screen the movie for critics there, or push it in any way. They didn't circulate DVD screeners either, which guaranteed that older voters wouldn't see the movie at all. The result now is a huge loss for Eastwood, because the film needed the awards promo push from BAFTA citations to carry its banner across Europe.

I would guess that this is the last straw for Eastwood's relationship with Warner Brothers. When I interviewed him five years ago during production of "Space Cowboys," he was already pretty disgusted with the way the studio had abandoned his most recent releases, "True Crime" and "Absolute Power."

He was already putting the studio on notice for "Cowboys" and worrying about how they would treat his next film, "Blood Work," which was an enormous bust. His most recent work for Warner Brothers, "Mystic River," which was an Oscar nominee and considered a new classic by many, failed to cross the $100 million line.

Golden Globes Gossip Galore

Yes, that was the fine actress Regina King, a potential Oscar nominee for her excellent supporting work in "Ray," walking to the Golden Globes on Wilshire Boulevard. She and her date, disgusted by the traffic and nervous they'd miss the show, de-limo'd and hiked a block and a half. Regina just hitched up her gown, and off she went.

Yes, that was Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz and Tony-winning actress Mary Louise Parker at the HBO viewing party on Sunday night. Duritz looked like he had a whirlybird on his head, but it was just his trademark dreadlocks.

Yes, that was Hilary Swank's husband Chad Lowe chatting up Annette Bening and Warren Beatty on the red carpet while he was waiting for his wife. They did not discuss the strange coincidence of a rematch of the Swank-Bening 1999 Oscar face-off. Bening, by the way, looked a little miffed when told by yours truly that she'd been missing some pre-Globe parties. She likes to boogie as much as anyone else.

Former Oscar nominee Elizabeth Shue will star in a new film co-produced with her brother Andrew, a star of "Melrose Place."

"He has the financing," Elizabeth told me at the HBO bash, thanks to his fundraising experience for charities.

Andrew, unlike his loser "Melrose Place" character, was always focused and ambitious.

And yes, that was nominee Wyclef Jean, who wrote the theme from "Hotel Rwanda," in a gorgeous purple Ozwald Boateng suit and cool red hat, with wife Claudinette, in a knockout golden gown she designed herself. Oscar attendees: Call this woman for a dress — she's amazing.

Wyclef's "Million Voices," I predict, will be nominated for an Oscar and win despite Mick Jagger's Globe grab.

And yes, for reasons still unclear, nominee Uma Thurman descended the stairs from the smoking lounge of the Globes ballroom down to the patio of the HBO viewing party. She stopped, watched a bit of the show on a monitor, and then went back upstairs before the best actress in a drama category, for which she was nominated, was called. Maybe she just wanted a break during the three-hour grind. Hey, who didn't?

More, you want more? How about winner Jamie Foxx bopping through the bar in the Four Seasons on Monday night, trading quips with this reporter and my colleague Bill McCuddy, then heading to dinner at Mr. Chow with Sean "P. Diddy" Combs to continue celebrating his victory as Ray Charles? Jamie sang a gorgeous a cappella number for us and wowed the crowd. Hello, J-Lo, Ashlee and Britney.

More on Jamie tomorrow.