Market Advice: Don't Take Your Eye off the Main Ball

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We've been talking numbers all week, because Americans love hitting records. But does a particular Dow Jones Industrial Average number make that much of a difference to the millions of traders trying to make a buck in the market? Probably not.

They're going to go back out there on Monday, trying just as hard to make deals and rake in the cash. And while we talk about the power of a number, and the power of the market, it's important to remember that the market's power isn't centered down on Wall Street; its real value comes from Main Street.

As powerful as Wall Street is, it's mainly a trading post for thousands of businesses all over America created by our spirit of enterprise.

What's most important is not the trading post, but the enterprises that are traded there. Wall Street won't do well unless Main Street's doing well.

And even if the trading post is taken out, as it was temporarily after 9/11, the enterprises it represents won't stop working.

I don't think our enemies really understand this: This country's spirit of enterprise can survive any attack and defend against any enemy, internal or external, as long as the freedoms that feed our spirit are kept alive.

You can't kill our spirit by attacking Wall Street, because that spirit is locked inside each and every citizen with the capacity and freedom to create something new.

So while keeping watch on records, don't take your eye off the main ball, which isn't really on Wall Street, but is right down your own street. That's where the power of the market begins.

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