Marisa Miller’s Bikini Breakdown Plus Why Vs Want Models With More Than A Bangin’ Body | Paris Hilton Wants Another Bff | Adrian Grenier Will Play The Harmonica For Free | What Do J-lo, Penelope Cruz & Hugh Jackman Have In Common?

Marisa Miller’s Bikini Breakdown

It’s no easy task being a swimwear supermodel — seriously.

Marisa Miller learned the hard way while on a Victoria’s Secret shoot in St. Barth’s earlier this week, and while the bikini babe has probably been in the waves a billion times before it just goes to show wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anybody. Miller suffered the dreaded slip up, or more likely down, as the waves crashed down.

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But of course, Miller is the consummate professional and kept on posing and prancing like nothing went wrong. Speaking of VS, have you ever dreamed of strutting your stuff as a supermodel "Angel?" Well, start blessing the lives of those around you. According to the lingerie label’s CEO Sharen Turney, you have be much more than a pretty face with a bountiful bust.

"We look at the Angels in terms of their community and how they give back. We also look if they are good role models for the VS brand," Turney recently told Tarts. "We have such wonderful Angels - we love Miranda Kerr - she gives back to her community and helps other women and is such a great addition to our angels this year."

Last year Turney admitted that sales for VS had dropped as a result of being too sexy but since re-branding to become a little more female-friendly, things are perking up.

"We’ve always focused on women and the root of being sexy - casual, provocative, girly can be sexy," she said. "But this year it’s all about the return to glamour and that’s what this year’s VS campaign is all about - the return to glamour."

Paris Hilton Wants Another Bff

Even despite rumors that Paris Hilton’s real BFF (sis Nicky) can’t stand the winner of MTV’s "My BFF" Brittany Flickinger , the older of the hotel heiresses is still on the lookout for yet another sidekick.

A casting call has just gone out to all peeps that are "over 21 and appear under 30" to apply online for the chance of a lifetime — to achieve social stardom.

So when round two kicks off does that mean Miss Flickinger will be like, so last season? On that note, Tarts has been told that Paris’s close bond with her winner is well and truly wearing off.

"Brittany is obsessed with Paris but she’s so over it," said an inside source. "She’s not used to having someone follow her around so much."

Another insider said that the hotel hottie is really only keeping Miss Flickinger around because she’s like an unpaid assistant who waits at her every beck and call. Ouch.

Adrian Grenier Will Play The Harmonica For Free

Adrian Grenier wants to be known for more than just his hot show "Entourage" - he wants the world to know that he can sing and play drums and guitar too. Grenier and his new-wave folk band "The Honey Brothers" were in Miami last week when they suddenly decided that they wanted to entertain patrons at The Florida Room at Delano.

We’re told Grenier (otherwise known as Honey DuContra) "politely approached" the house band and asked if they would mind taking over for a set before pulling out his harmonica and making music for the excited crowd. But with business comes pleasure right? We hear Grenier then headed over to the Louis Bar-Lounge to watch his pal Simon Rex perform, but in true "Entourage" style found himself with an open bottle of Belvedere and a beautiful mystery brunette by his side.

But the Miami stint was obviously good practice for the bee boy band, as they earned rave reviews for their performances at two inauguration bashes in DC this week - but don’t think that all the Obama-related fun was happening on the East Coast only. There was at least a few stars (such as Amanda Bynes, Chris Evans, Dave Annabelle and Lindsay Price ) that were stuck in Tinseltown and enjoyed the momentous occasion with a few too many at Svedka Vodka’s Inauguration soiree at Hollywood hotspot GUYS.

What Do J-lo, Penelope Cruz & Hugh Jackman Have In Common?

There are naturally darn good bodies and then there are darn good bodies that come from Hollywood’s hottest trainer, Gunnar Peterson . Pop Tarts had the privilege of sweating it out with the exercise extraordinaire who was working from the Gatorade G Gym at The Village of the Yard at the Sundance Film Festival, and he said it is possible for anyone to have a superstar bod. Good news is that it doesn’t take all day every day to do it - infact, at least one lazy day a week is a necessity.

Peterson likes to combine both cardio and weights in intervals, recommends noshing food in small amounts all day long and his best tip for anyone trying to lose those last few pounds … SLEEP!

"Two weeks of at least eight hours of solid sleep and most people find that any excess is gone," he told Tarts.

Speaking of staying fit even amid the Sundance snow, Pop Tarts also spotted Nick Cannon getting his sweat on and even though wife Mariah Carey was nowhere to be seen, he insisted that the two "always get sweaty together" (in the gym, that is) while we also saw Eliza Dushku, Brittany Snow, Tom Arnold and pregnant Anne Heche pumping iron despite the cold climate.

Over at the VitaminWater House, rapper 50 Cent was the one leading the work-out sessions while pal Russell Simmons was teaching yoga classes and oddly enough, after his session of downward dogs Tarts spotted Simmons head into the Living Proof Salon for a NO FRIZZ blowout with celeb stylist Ward Stegerhoek … we guess even those with little hair like to indulge.

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