Some health drinks are advertised as easy, instant vitamin boosts in a bottle. One New York man claims he got much more of a “lift” than he planned when he gulped down a bottle of Boost Plus. He’s suing the drink maker, alleging the beverage gave him a persistent erection that led to his hospitalization. Twenty-nine-year-old Christopher Woods said he drank the beverage one night and woke up the next morning with an unrelenting erection. Woods underwent a surgical implantation to allow blood to move from one area to another. The maker of the drink hasn’t released a comment. Tune in to tomorrow’s show where we will talk with the attorney of Mr. Woods to see where this case is headed.

A 10-year-old boy in Ohio makes quite a catch while fishing in the Ohio River. Kyle Owens was hoping to snag a catfish, but surprisingly found a pacu fish at the end of his line. The pacu is native to the Amazon, and a cousin of the piranha fish. Officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources believe someone may have dumped the fish after it grew too large. Owens intends to stuff his catch as a big, visual souvenir.

An illegal immigrant who may have been turned away twice by border patrol agents at the California-Mexico border recently allegedly killed a North Carolina resident, George Smith, while driving drunk in a stolen vehicle. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is investigating whether the man who said his name was Michael De Latorre when questioned following the crash, really is who he says he is. His fingerprints suggest that the man’s real name is Ricardo Contreras, who was apprehended and turned back twice at the California-Mexican border in 2004. The passenger in the vehicle was identified as also an illegal immigrant who was deported from Laredo, Texas in October 2000. Somehow the pair made their way into the U.S. and then to North Carolina, and as a result, a 54-year-old computer programmer for Duke University, George Smith, is dead. If investigators find that Michael De Latorre is actually Ricardo Contreras, it seems that poor border security is again to blame, this time for the very preventable death of a legal American citizen.

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